Welchen Ertrag bringen Umweltleistungen?

What's the benefit
of environmental


Balance sheets and conceptions

I prepare balance sheets and conceptions for material flows and emissions (waste, waste water, CO2) and I calculate product carbon footprints (PCF).

I also provide background information on these topics to support the process of decision making in the company. This can simplify dealing with more current topics, such as carbon calculations and environmental footprinting (PEF and OEF).

Energy and environmental management systems

Through a systematic approach to the most relevant energy and enviromental topics companies provide themselves with an efficient and continuous overview concerning improvement opportunities. Moreover they profit by the increasing economical incentives for these systems.

I provide extensive support for companies in the process of establishing an energy or environmental management system according to DIN EN 16001, ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Environmental and sustainability reports

Environmental and sustainability reports can be used externally for information of customers and the general public as well as internally as a basis for a companies improvement processes and cost savings.

I advise companies on the structure and content of their reports according to their needs and I assemble the relevant information in a useful way.

Improvement processes

I enhance improvement processes, which make use of the knowledge of a companies employees and improvement processes, that can best be achieved by cooperation of different deparments. My impact on these processes is of a catalytic nature.

Special projects

I undertake organisational and technical projects, which serve the companies advancement and which otherwise could not be realised within the company due to a low level of staff coverage.