Welchen Ertrag bringen Umweltleistungen?

What's the benefit
of environmental


EC - Environmental Footprint - Pilot-Projects will work out rules and more

The European Commission (DG environment) has launched a method to determine the so called environmental footprint of either products or organisations.

Details on the proceeding are worked out by industrial enterprises in pilot projects. The process is coordinated by DG environment, which also choses the pen-holding participants for the pilots.

The first wave of projects (non food) started already in late 2013. In spring 2014, another 11 projects (food & drink and related products) were selected. They started to work in June 2014.

So there is a total of 27 projects now:

  • 25 projects are related to products (PEF = Product Environmental Footprint)
  • 2 projects are related to Organisations (OEF = Organisational Environmental footprint)

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